REAL Trends Now Hosts Three
Technology-Oriented Mastermind Groups!

Collaboration is key to success in real estate. That's why REAL Trends assembled some of the brightest minds in real estate for our special master mind groups.

REAL Trends currently runs several Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer groups for real estate brokerages and associations. We get together to share ideas, peer review members of each group and talk about technology and marketing trends. Along with access to ideas and strategies implemented by peers, there are many perks to being in our groups. We bring significant opportunities to you. Groups participate in quarterly calls on industry topics facilitated by REAL Trends. The onsite meeting offers an action-packed, loaded two and a half days of education and brainstorming. You better have a good notebook (don't worry they are provided!) as you'll leave the event with tons of ideas on how to improve your business.

We are currently filling a few spots in several of our groups. If you are interested, please contact