Online Reputation Management

Are you ready to take on reviews, location-based information, online directories, social activity and more? It’s a must in today’s market. We help you establish and maintain your online reputation and presence.

As a business owner you’re constantly reevaluating the best ways to enhance brand recognition and to optimize your online presence. This is no small task. At REAL Trends, we understand the importance of online and digital marketing to your business and to your success. We feel that one of the most important areas of your online presence is your digital “reputation.” According to our Online Performance Study, nearly 60% of your traffic comes from search. Imagine if the information being shown to potential customers is inaccurate. Something as simple as an incorrect phone number or the wrong hours of operation can be the thing that drives people away from your company and to your competitors.

Not to worry, let REAL Trends be the easy button! With our recent partnership with Yext, an online location management company, we now have the ability to maintain your company’s information across 60+ sites from one location. This includes Google, Bing, Yelp, Tom Tom, Facebook and other online publishers. With one click, we can update any and all information with a direct API connection to all of these sites. Not only that, but we can notify you the minute you receive a less then stellar review across sites like Yelp.

Next to your website, we feel that this is the second most important feature of your online presence and a great tool to have in addition to any of your other SEO efforts.