Order The 2016 Broker Compensation Report

Over the last 15 years, REAL Trends has periodically produced a Brokerage Compensation Report to help brokerage owners identify the average compensation for the key management positions inside real estate firms. This year, the data for the REAL Trend’s 2016 Brokerage Compensation Report is comprised of nearly 65 residential real estate firms representing over 37,500 sales associates and $103.8 billion in total sales volume.

The report includes compensation information for nine different real estate brokerage positions, including the CEO, CFO, Technology Director, and Office Manager. Virtually every brand and business model is represented in the report with total compensation for each position segmented by bonus, benefits, and base salary. The total compensation is compared against the firm’s annual GCI and annual gross margin revenue. Additionally, compensation for each position is segmented by the agent count, regional location and whether or not the brokerage is affiliated or independent.