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REAL Trends is a leader in identifying the trends that impact the real estate industry. Our variety of publications will help you stay on the cutting-edge of your ever-changing business.


Looking for information to give agents at your next sales meeting? The REAL Trends blog features strategies for technology, marketing and business, as well as stories of the more personal side of real estate.

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Over the years, REAL Trends has published a plethora of books and studies that offer vital information into the industry.


Real estate professionals are an interesting bunch. From those who devote their lives to community service to those with crazy hobbies or are uber talented, real estate professionals are much more than their businesses. Read the stories of the personal side of real estate, get to know your real estate leaders and find out about their past lives in this quarterly publication.

REAL Facts

This comprehensive Excel Spreadsheet is filled with data and information on the REAL Trends 500 firms and the Up-and-Comers covering more than 1,300 of the nation's largest and most successful residential real estate brokerages. This valuable information can be used to find the top agencies in your area and gives you knowledge on the financial realities of your members. This can also be stored information to gage your own MLS stats verses the top companies or glean other important information needed to prepare your own services to meet the needs of your membership.

REAL Views Housing Market Report

REAL Trends produces a monthly housing market report that highlights the most accurate housing highs and lows. Subscribe here.


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The monthly REAL Trends newsletter features commentary from Steve Murray on the state of real estate and forward-thinking articles from guest contributors such as Larry Kendall of Ninja Selling and Sue Johnson, former CEO of RESPRO.