Travis Saxton

Travis Saxton

Vice President of Technology

The Tech Guru

Travis Saxton, vice president of technology



Talk to him about: Brokerage technology consulting, CTO/CMO mastermind groups, Tagible by REAL Trends, Smart Home Innovation in partnership with Coldwell Banker Real Estate and technology company partnerships, TechTouch newsletter


Travis, a natural leader, is vice president of technology at REAL Trends. In this position, he oversees brokerage consulting, technology company services, thought leadership, chief technology officer (CTO) and chief marketing officer (CMO) groups, as well as Tagible by REAL Trends.


Disclaimer: If you can’t reach Travis at the office, he’s probably golfing or hiking. He also enjoys biking, running and skiing along with his wife, Leanne, daugher and dog, Rusty. His claim to fame is that he climbed three 14,000-foot mountains in one day. Nevertheless, he aspires to golf at St. Andrews and other courses in that region of Scotland.


As for the workplace, Travis’ goals are to create and maintain strong, meaningful relationships with those in the business world. He says that keeping up with his emails can be challenging, but his daily goal is to get to Inbox Zero.


Through his position at REAL Trends, he’s learned that the most important thing to do is to lead by example. Do the right thing for your teammates and clients, he says, and everything else will work out.