Daniele Stufft

Daniele Stufft

Director Event Planning

The Events Planner Extraordinaire

Daniele Stufft, director of event planning




Talk to her about: Gathering of Eagles, CEO Mastermind groups and REAL Trends events


After working as an emergency medical technician and firefighter as well as fulfilling several roles with Wells Fargo Bank, Daniele Stufft joined REAL Trends in 2004. She quickly climbed the ladder of success from administrative assistant to her long-standing position as the director of event planning.


Daniele effortlessly coordinates the REAL Trends annual Gathering of Eagles, as well as five CEO group meetings that are held twice annually. If there’s an event that REAL Trends hosts, she’s the one to call for information.


Living in Colorado as a native, Daniele enjoys the mountains and sunshine, and loves to get a good CrossFit workout in on Saturdays. She is married with two children. You can often find her supporting her son at his baseball games and watching her daughter do gymnastics. If you need assistance in organizing, Daniele is your go-to executive. Checklists and tasks make her engine run, probably explaining why she is so great at this job.