Deirdre LePera

Deirdre LePera

Research Strategist

The Real Estate Geek at Heart

Deirdre LePera, research strategist



Talk to her about: Thought leadership opportunities, product and service marketing, and technology company partnerships


Deirdre is anything but ordinary; she is a woman of many talents and a true entrepreneur at heart. After college, she worked for a couple of real estate brokerages in a variety of roles, and eventually found her calling as REAL Trends’ research strategist.


Deirdre leads the research department, partners with vendors and brokerages throughout the industry, and aids in the marketing of REAL Trends products and services. Sound like a lot? Not for Deirdre.


After all, she’s the cliff-diving wife and mother of four daughters who aspires to travel the world and watch the sunrise from every continent. But don’t worry; she’s just like the rest of us too. She loves to watch college football, bake sweet treats for friends and family, and enjoy the outdoors.


Deirdre has grown immensely throughout her time at REAL Trends and continues to evolve her knowledge of the real estate industry as a whole. She often describes her time with industry thought leaders as her “version of Christmas." Her ambition is limited only by the number of hours in a day, as she chooses to live life to the fullest.