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Understanding how value is created in a residential real estate brokerage firm is key to knowing where to invest. Over 2,350 brokerage companies have trusted REAL Trends to perform valuations and assessments of their firms.


What We Do:

Determine the Why:

Why does the client want a valuation? We want to know who they are and what they are trying to accomplish.

Proposal Package:

We provide a proposal package with all that is needed to get started.

Get Started:

Once we collect the required information, we take 8 to 10 business days to complete the first draft of the report.


We spend 3 to 4 hours discussing and refining the valuation with our client.

Final Report:

At the client’s request, we prepare the final report and deliver to client.


We spend a significant amount of time with each client to be sure they understand the Valuation Report and how it can help them think about their business.

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How We Do a Valuation:

  1. Financial Analysis:
    Upon receiving client information, we prepare a financial analysis.
  2. Examine Factors: We examine up to 12 different factors that can affect value for each client. These may include location, size, brand, business model, sales activity, multiple year trends and more.
  3. Fact Check: We double check with our client that we have all the facts about the client’s company.
  4. Examine: We examine sales activity in the market and determine price and likely terms of a transaction.

    Finally, we deliver a first draft of the Valuation Report to the client. Plus, we’ll review the Valuation Report with the client and prepare a final report for delivery.

What is the Outcome?

  • Our clients will know what their firm is worth.
  • They will know typical terms of a sale transaction should that be their purpose.
  • They will know how deals are structured along with some tax and legal issues about their firm.
  • They will have a roadmap of how they can increase value.

The REAL Trends Difference

REAL Trends will examine several different factors which influence the value of a residential brokerage firm which include, but are not limited to, strategic value, competitive value, market conditions, leverage, earnings consistency, network memberships, and stability. Other factors that we examine include, the level of buying interest in the market where the firm is located, the desirability of the office location(s), whether or not the ownership will stay on and in what roles, the stability of the agent sales force and other factors particular to the Company. REAL Trends will also review the future earnings potential of the Company by office and/or market area.

For more information on how we may assist your company, please contact:

Scott Wright

Steve Murray