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Mergers and Acquisitions

REAL Trends Consulting has brokered the sale of over 670 residential brokerage firms in the past 29 years in all 50 states and Canada


What We Do:

Personal Goals:

We always begin with understanding the client’s personal goals and aspirations.


We prepare a full valuation for the client.


We discuss the marketplace for the purchase and sale of the client’s company.

Sales Strategy:

We develop a sale strategy that ensures client involvement at every stage.


We assist the client through the entire process.

Tax and Legal Structure:

We work with the client’s legal and tax advisors to structure the best possible transaction.

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How We Provide Merger and Acquisition Service:

  1. Try to understand the client’s goals and objectives.
  2. Prepare a full valuation for the client.
  3. Develop a complete sales strategy and identify likely candidates for a combination of the client and other firm.
  4. Outline likely deal price, terms, structures and timing of a potential transaction.
  5. At the direction of the client, we handle all communications with other parties and arrange the delivery of information between the parties.
  6. Negotiate the transaction on behalf of the client with full input from the client.
  7. Examine Letters of Intent, Term Sheets and Purchase Agreements in concert with our client’s legal and tax advisors.
  8. Assist with closing schedules and planning of announcements of sales or purchases involving the client company.

What is the Outcome?

Our clients achieve their goal either of a sale of their firm or the purchase of another firm at price and terms that are fair to them and a process that was as efficient and stress free as possible.